I reviewed Carlino’s book early in the life of this blog, here at https://freudinoceania.com//?s=Distance&search=Go

I think it is exceptionally relevant for Australian conditions where there is an inequity in the availability of psychotherapeutic interventions between metropolitan and regional and remote-rural Australia.
Here is another review by Psychoanalyst, Luisa Marino.



In this remarkable book Ricardo Carlino (2011, Karnac books) argues that psychoanalysis not only can be applied in a different way from the classical freudian setting, but also courageously tracks the deep meaning of the changes and the paradigms implied in the use of contemporary technologies in this field.

For distance psychoanalysis he means together with a considerable part of the contemporary community of analysts, all those different frames that imply that patient and analyst are not in the same room, but somehow distant in the space. For instance, when we deal with a telephone session, a skype session, with or without the use of the camera, or email exchanges, as well as an entire analysis or a psychotherapy started or continuing using these technologies.

As in the best psychoanalytical tradition he starts to investigate these new methods considering the resistances that they may encounter, specifically among the colleagues themselves…

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